Introduction to The NeuroCog System Manual & Neury™ - Neurocog

The NeuroCog® System Manual by Dr. Stephen S. Wolfson is a comprehensive guide introducing the NeuroCog® System which guides your mastery of basic through advanced neurocognitive skills. Developed over 25 years of clinical research The NeuroCog® System Manual first explains the theory then guides you through a series of cognitive, sensory, visual and emotional skill building exercises to improve emotional control, critical thinking, interpersonal communication and smart decision making.

The NeuroCog® System Manual helps anyone cope better with everyday life. Drawing from the latest psychological and neuroscience research The NeuroCog® System Manual builds on what is currently known to make it easier to expand neurocognitive skills.

Each NeuroCog® System exercise is based on current research and explained in plain language. Each has fillable pages so you can track and log your NeuroCog® journey. It is flexible and personalised to your needs including performance enhancement, stress management, relationship improvement or symptom reduction.Both the app and ebook manual can function separately, but using both in conjunction offers a more complete experience for those seeking to harness the full potential of their neurocognitive skills. Get your copy of the NeuroCog® System Manual and download Neury™ from Google Play or the App Store.