Please read the Terms of Use and make sure you understand it before agreeing to it. Your agreement is a condition for access and treatment using our Self-Directed Care (SDC) tools or Teletherapy.

1. Ongoing Agreement to Terms of Use

By visiting this site and using it you agree to be subject to all updated rules and guidelines described on the website which are part of the binding agreement of the Terms of Use.

2. Restrictions to Access
We do not authorize or agree to provide services under the following circumstances:

  • You are actively psychotic
  • You are intoxicated
  • You require immediate psychiatric or medical intervention
  • You have not been assessed and are actively suicidal
  • You are under 18 and have no adult authorization
  • Please contact 000 or Crisis Care on 1800 199 008 if you need immediate help.
3. Access to Services

All treatment and SDC available through our website is on an “AS IS” basis. You agree by accessing the site, to accept the limits of the site as follows:

The site may be amended, altered or taken off-line without warning
Information you provide on the site may be deleted
Information you provide may not be accessible to you
Information you provide may be altered or inaccurate
Information you provide may fail to be stored
All information contained and services provided on the Neurocog website is the property of Neurocog Pty Ltd. We do not guarantee the accuracy, validity or reliability of anything on the website. Access to the site, whether by browsing or logging in does not constitute medical treatment. All information acquired directly or indirectly through the use or browsing of this site does not convey any obligation, duty or responsibility to Neurocog, it’s employees or owners as it is at the total discretion of the user who assumes all risk and responsibility for the use of this website.

4. Security and Confidentiality

Reasonable and appropriate steps to protect privacy, sensitive and confidential information are taken by Neurocog Pty Ltd., however, by agreeing to browse or log into the website you acknowledge the inherent risk that any electronic communication has the potential to be monitored, intercepted, altered or destroyed. Any security or protection measures taken by Neurocog Pty Ltd or any third party imply no specific duty or obligation by Neurocog Pty Ltd. Psychotherapeutic treatment by any licensed clinician through the Neurocog website falls under the Informed Consent Agreement (ICA) which must be signed and witnessed before treatment can commence. All issues of confidentiality are designated under the ICA.

5. Limits to Liability

You agree by using this website to hold Neurocog Pty Ltd harmless for any breach, interception, alteration or destruction of any information you possess or acquire or as a result of access to a link provided on this website have your information or computer breached, infected, corrupted, destroyed or disabled.

6. Agree to the Conditions of Use of SDC and Informed Consent

You agree using this site for online psychotherapeutic treatment to be bound by the conditions and terms contained in the Self-Directed Care Agreement or the Telemedicine Informed Consent Agreement and if any conflict between any two agreements exists all other terms not in conflict will apply with the conflicting term or condition most consistent with the overall terms and conditions of all agreements between the parties herein taking priority.

7. Copyright and Intellectual Property Conditions

You agree to adhere to all Australian and international copyright laws and not acquire or use any materials, designs, software applications, logos, writings, images or other content contained on this website for any purpose outside the purpose for which it is intended only as described herein. We retain all rights to all information once it is submitted through or to our website.

8. Disclaimer

Neurocog Pty Ltd makes no warranties or guarantees as to the completeness, accuracy, freedom from errors, functionality, reliability, validity or accessibility of any content or the website as a whole. Use of the website is not without risk of infection caused by malicious computer programs. Neurocog Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the safety of the website and by browsing, clicking, logging into it you assume all risk. We retain all legal rights with regard to any such event.

WARNING: NeurocogPty Ltd assumes no liability for loss or damage due to this website being infected or having links to other websites that may be infected.

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