Challenge Yourself and Be Better

The Neurocog App is science-based with a range of personal development tools.
Main features:
The emotion log –
A detailed affective measure which can track progress as you acquire new skills.
Exercises –
The app features 8 science-based exercises from multiple disciplines designed to improve awareness, cognition and internal control.
Results –
Use the Neurocog App to set goals and achieve milestones in personal development through personal reports with multiple progress graphs. The app can also be used in conjunction with sessions with a mental health professional or paraprofessional to improve your experience.

For professionals

The app provides several essential features facilitating accurate and consistent symptom measurement, behavioral management, awareness building, cognitive enhancement, and self-regulation as part of the implementation of the Neurocog system for those clinicians and paraprofessionals who utilize it.In addition, clients provide clinicians and paraprofessionals feedback data to assess and adjust the delivery of the protocol to achieve better ethnicity. The app generates symptom reports which track symptom levels allowing the clinician and paraprofessional to be immediately alerted to client needs as well as track overall client progress. As the app is designed to be used by clients both in treatment and for self-help, clients are encouraged to employ the exercises provided as well as symptom measurement on a daily basis. This enables clinicians and paraprofessionals to monitor and evaluate as well as manage client progress. The app is designed to be used by anyone, not just those seeking psychological treatment as the exercises improve emotional self-regulation, situational awareness, and cognitive capacity. Finally, the app includes explanatory videos and detailed instructions for each of the exercises.  

Mobile App

Get the Neurocog App

The Neurocog app is a self-help, mental well-being improvement app designed to be used standalone or in conjunction with professional sessions. The app features a range of scientifically-based exercises and a mood measure to help track your progress. For professionals the app can be integrated with your own procedures and will provide useful data on your client’s progress and feedback on your sessions.