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General Practitioner Information

Although a referral is not required to see a Psychologist, the majority of our patients are referred through the Medicare Better Access initiative, which covers the majority of the costs. General Practitioners (GPs) are required to formulate a Mental Health Care Plan (MBS item 2700, 2701, 2715 or 2717).

Under current COVID-19 policy, patients are eligible for up to 20 individual and up to 10 group allied mental health services per calendar year (1 January to 31 December). After 10 sessions, the psychologist is required to write a brief psychological report to the GP. The patient must attend the GP for a review (MBS item 2712), in order to access the other 10 sessions (updated on 9th October 2020). At the end of the treatment a written report must also be provided to the referring medical practitioner.

We encourage practitioners (including GPs, Psychiatrists and Paediatricians) to utilise the suggested Neurocog™ Cover Letter/MHCP template/Referral Form on this page.

We provide our referring doctors:

Fast correspondence

Same week appointments

Simple booking system

Consultancy about mental health issues

Regular practice updates

Crisis management support

Ability to consult with us at any time

Regular contact with the treating psychologist

Being aware of your patients progress

How to refer to Neurocog™


Neurocog™ provides a number of free to use, online, automatically scored questionnaires, that may assist in initial assessment for referral. We also provide downloadable PDF paper versions for offline use.