Fund Raiser - Neurocog

Fund Raiser

Hi Friends, thanks for visiting our partnership page for the fundraiser we are doing with our partner Community Northern Beaches.

We are participating in their Building Blocks program by providing mobile devices to a group for women moving on from dysfunctional relationships developing skills and strategies to enable women to engage in healthy relationships.

About the cause

This campaign is directed for the benefit of women who are suffering under the threat of ongoing domestic violence. Often these women are denied access to money or a phone.

As a strategic partner with CNB successful program, Neurocog and the Office of Dr Stephen Wolfson are teaming up to provide these essential items to this vulnerable group.

By donating your old mobile telephone or making a donation we can help improve the lives of many victims of domestic violence. Simply send make your donation or send/drop off your old mobile phone or device which our IT partner SNC will ensure if free of any data. Thanks for your kind support.

Phone Donation form