Stephen Wolfson:

(Founder; Clinical Psychologist)

Stephen Wolfson is the founder of Neurocog Pty Ltd. He grew up in New York City and moved to Los Angeles for his undergraduate degree from USC in 1987. Stephen enjoyed careers in entertainment, computing, and law before settling on clinical psychology which he has been practicing for over two decades. Stephen has been a licensed marriage and family therapist in California since 1999, a registered clinical psychologist since New Zealand in 2010 and in Australia since 2016. He earned his PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience at the University of Auckland, New Zealand this year. His research covered the application of advanced mathematical analysis of electroencephalographic signals to diagnose autism.

Steve’s clinical training, education and experience has been broad and intensive. Starting with analytical training at the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute after completion of his first clinical master’s degree from Antioch University he worked initially with young children and adults in three settings. This was followed by work for the Los Angeles Department of Probation with incarcerated adolescent males. While maintaining a continuous private practice Stephen established programs in various clinical settings with a variety of populations, such as the indigent and those suffering from compulsivity and dependency. After completion of his second clinical master’s he worked in other forensic settings including the New Zealand Department of Corrections and with California and Federal prosecutors and courts supervising offenders there. Stephen continues to research neuroscience and clinical psychology, write and develop clinical programs and tools, most notably the Neurocog System, it’s affiliated interactive application Neurocog and an upcoming practice management network called the Neurocog Network.

Pete Bellamy

(Project Manager)

Pete Bellamy received a Bachelor of Psychology with first class honours from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. For his honours thesis, Pete investigated the relationship between music, self-esteem and the self. After finishing university Pete joined the team at Neurocog in 2018. Since joining Neurocog, he has been part of the creation of the Neurocog App and the Neurocog Network practice management software, which is currently in development. He has also been heavily involved in the administration and creation of digital media for Neurocog. In addition to working for Neurocog, Pete is currently studying a Master of Public Health at Sydney University.

Outside of the office, Pete is heavily involved with music, having been a percussion tutor for 6 years and the drummer in a band for 9 years. He also enjoys football and is a die-hard supporter of Arsenal Football Club.

Anna Harvey

(Project Manager and Statistics Analyst)

Anna Harvey received her Psychology BSc Honours degree from Middlesex University, London, UK, where her research career began. She was invited to join a team there developing tests for University pre-registration programs. She then helped to develop intelligence and achievement scales for children at a top international education company. At Neurocog, Anna, in addition to helping create web and device-based software, such as the Neurocog App, has created digital practice management tools. She currently manages data analytics for the Neurocog app and is setting up data analysis for The Neurocog Institute research projects.

Anna’s research interests include resilience, positive psychology, developmental psychology, acquisition and development of language, child behavior and parental mental health.

Outside of the office, Anna enjoys the outdoor life with her Family, which was a big incentive for her moving to Australia. She loves being a mother but retains her determination for continuous self-development, whether it’s reading, developing her language skills or hitting the gym.

Mobile App

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The Neurocog app is a self-help, mental well-being improvement app designed to be used standalone or in conjunction with professional sessions. The app features a range of scientifically-based exercises and a mood measure to help track your progress. For professionals the app can be integrated with your own procedures and will provide useful data on your client’s progress and feedback on your sessions.