Stephen Wolfson:

(Founder; Clinical Psychologist)

Stephen Wolfson is the founder of Neurocog. He grew up in New York and New Jersey where he completed his undergraduate degree attending UCLA and USC and graduated in 1987.
Since then he has had an unusually diversified series of careers in multiple industries including communications, entertainment, computing, law and psychology that spans over three decades.

Originally licensed in California in 1999, he earned two master’s degrees in clinical psychology and is currently completing a research PhD in computational cognitive neuroscience at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Steve’s clinical training, education and experience has been both broad and intensive. Commencing with a classic training at the Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute after completion of his first master’s degree for marriage and family therapy he worked initially with young children and adults in two settings followed by working for the Los Angeles Department of Probation with adolescent males.

While maintaining a continuous private practice Steve has worked in several clinical settings with indigent populations and those suffering from compulsivity and dependency.

After completion of his second clinical master’s he worked in various forensic settings including working abroad for the New Zealand Department of Corrections and with California and Federal prosecutors and courts. For the past 3 years he has maintained his clinical license in three countries, New Zealand, Australia and the US.


Pete Bellamy

(Project Manager)

Anna Harvey

(Project Manager and statistics analyst)


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