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We help professionals and paraprofessionals take advantage of online treatment, web-based resources and paperless practice management.

The Neurocog Network is a web-based practice management platform enabling clinicians and paraprofessionals a comprehensive solution to provide client communication, appointment scheduling, clinical assessment and evaluation, client management and treatment, clinical documentation all with outcome measures with an option for an integrated set of customizable exercises as part of a proprietary protocol, the Neurocog system.

Clients can search the Neurocog network to find clinicians and paraprofessionals who fit their needs and see a calendar of available appointments.
They will then create an account, schedule appointments, pay for sessions, complete assessments and exercises, and administrative forms in one place.

Clinicians can also create accounts, access client information, and complete all administrative and clinical documentation quickly and easily via the platform.

The Neurocog network establishes a virtual clinic of professionals and paraprofessionals capable of measuring and delivering psychological based services consistently and effectively across a wide geographical area in a highly cost effective manner.

Professionals who join the network will also receive a profile on our professionals database. Potential clients will be able to find your listing and make bookings with you through their client portal.

To join the Neurocog Network email us at

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Mobile App

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The Neurocog app is a self-help, mental well-being improvement app designed to be used standalone or in conjunction with professional sessions. The app features a range of scientifically-based exercises and a mood measure to help track your progress. For professionals the app can be integrated with your own procedures and will provide useful data on your client’s progress and feedback on your sessions.