The creation of the Neurocog System came from decades of clinical training and experience in private and public settings in several different countries. It is a pragmatic approach to personal development that focuses on internal regulation, resiliency, and cognitive skills. Through either direct or indirect guidance the Neurocog System provides rapid improvement of awareness, cognition and affect control. By networking with others the skill-set can be built upon for greater levels of achievement. We are constantly expanding our integration and technology-based tools to provide greater levels of capacity to meet user needs. Whether it is goal-based or skill-based personal development, the Neurocog System can meet those needs.

Mobile App

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The Neurocog app is a self-help, mental well-being improvement app designed to be used standalone or in conjunction with professional sessions. The app features a range of scientifically-based exercises and a mood measure to help track your progress. For professionals the app can be integrated with your own procedures and will provide useful data on your client’s progress and feedback on your sessions.